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Cat Commissions - Jynx

Due to working full-time, I don't take commissions. I feel I don't have the time to do them any justice. However, when I hit 1k Followers on Instagram I wanted to give away a special prize that wasn't just items in my shop. 
Nina won my grand prize. It took her a couple months to decide what she wanted, but it was something I didn't mind waiting on. She decided she wanted a piece about her dearly departed kitty, Jynx. 

So, I asked Nina about him. She had adopted Jynx & he was a fat fluffy boy! He was declawed prior to adopting him so he was quite vicious with his teeth. He liked to sprawl across the floor like a bear skin rug. She said, Despite that, he was so sweet and very affectionate. After flipping through all of his pictures from Nina, I decided to draw him have him sprawled out on his back which he was often seen as, prominent little fangs and highlight his brownish-red and black fur, and those gorgeous yellow eyes. 

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