March: #MeettheMaker

I started this challenge on Instagram, and I will be honest guys...I failed so bad. However, I wanted to round up a couple of these so maybe you can get to know the crazy cat lady behind Monster Kitty Society.


I am naturally quite camera shy. Most of the photos on my Instagram are of my beautiful friends and influencers, not actually me. I am also way too goofy for my own good.


Here's all the materials of a necklace package going out! There's a Thank You Card, Business Card, Membership Card, and a Freebie Sticker. 


This is my dear friend Melissa of Mimosa Studio. Funnily enough when I started going to conventions to sell my artwork, I was in such awe of her and her adorable work that it took me 1-2 years to actually say hi. She is so kind and is always willing to help you out. Please check her out!


This is Kerri. She is absolutely wonderful. I will continually sing her praises. She's my #1 assistant (besides the boyfriend who is slightly creepin' in this picture.) She is my main model, convention buddy, necklace + charm assembler, behind the scenes organizer. She is amazing


It's a long story but I'll start from the beginning. My dad owned a college bookstore from the 80s into the 2000s before the rise of Amazon destroyed the business. He made a bookstore because he was a bookworm. He personally owned 10000+ books. I spent my youth lying on the floor of that bookstore having college kids walk around me as I read comics, poetry, hell - anything that caught my eye. I got all my Harry Potter books for free because of my dad's store. 

6 months after he died suddenly, one of the design projects in my Art classes was to create a "unique" family collage. It was really hard to open up those old albums, and flip through the memories. Majority of the people in these photos are no longer with us. Working through it the tears, I realized that I had an amazing childhood. I come from a biracial family so we had family everywhere. Because of that we traveled the world. We were a happy little family, just the 3 of us. Just because our family is smaller now, doesn't mean I want to stop the adventures. I made a small business because I wanted to continue the life my dad gave me. I want to create and share my beloved creations, I want to travel so much more. The world is so big, and life is so short. 

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