What is Patreon exactly...?

Why Patreon

I'm joining Patreon because I want Monster Kitty Society & my art to be my full-time job. The ultimate dream. I currently work as a professional Graphic Designer full time. With the help of Patreon, I can do more with my art and with Monster Kitty Society. I also want to cultivate a community with you guys. I think, with our powers combined, that we can bring bigger and better projects to life! Your pledges will help keep Monster Kitty Society going, pay my bills, feed my cat, but most importantly, they will give me the extra support I need so I can make Monster Kitty Society everything I'd ever dreamed it could be - and more.  

How does this work?

If you like my work (and the Monster Kitties), just choose how much you want to pledge per month (yes, even $1 makes a difference!) and select some cool rewards like behind the scenes previews of new products, Patron-exclusive goodies, customized Kitties, and monthly giveaways! It's like a monthly subscription, but for monster cats. And don’t worry! You can edit or cancel your pledge anytime you want. Patreon will charge you at the beginning of each month. I appreciate any support of my art you’re willing to give, so I can keep drawing for you! If you’re unable to pledge each month - that’s okay! Every little bit helps.

What do I get out of this?

Other than my absolute undying gratitude, there are several reward tiers starting from $1 to $50 which all give different amounts of things based on your pledge. The key difference between my online shop and this Patreon are that my Patrons get "first dibs" on limited edition items, and customized kitties/full art commissions.

For instance, all Patrons will get to see sketches and works in progress before they will be available publicly on my social media. In my bi-monthly podcast, I can answer your questions, and give you an inside look at Monster Kitty Society and my life. You are also entered into a monthly Patron Exclusive Giveaway. All of this just for pledging $1 every month! Other tiers include an Exclusive Shop Discount, First Dips on Exclusive Art Prints, Stickers, Charms, Customized Monster Kitty Adoptables.


I want to pledge! How do I sign up?
Take a look at the Official Patreon 'How To' guide!

Can I change my pledge amount? 
Absolutely! You can lower/increase or cancel your pledge at any time. There is no obligation to be a Patron forever. 

So...When do I get my stuff? 
Digital Rewards are posted or PM'd within the first 15 days of the month after all payments have been cleared. 
Ex: If you pledge in January, you will receive January Rewards before February 15th. If you pledge February 1st, you will receive your February Rewards by March 15th. 

Physical Rewards follow a similar pattern but due to printing and creation, they may not ship until the end of the month. 
Ex: If you pledge in January, you will receive January Rewards before February 28th. If you pledge February 1st, you will receive your February rewards by March 30th.
Most of the time your items will ship sooner, but I state this buffer just in case production or shipping delays.

When am I charged for this?
Patreon charges you  the first of every month. All rewards are sent out after pledges have been processed. 

Can I buy any of the Patreon content outside of the Patreon?
Most of the digital rewards will be Patreon exclusives. Physical rewards will be sold outside of Patreon, 2 months after their initial release if there is remaining inventory. 

Ex: If I made an exclusive 50 charms for Patreon, and all 50 were claimed; none will ever be in my shop. OR If I made 50 exclusive prints & stickers for Patreon and only 25 were claimed, the rest will be in my shop 2 months after the release.

How do I pledge?
Pick any tier here!