About the Brand

Monster Kitty Society is home for dark souls who love cats. The monster cats only like people who
get them, and they're pretty picky. We have an aesthetic. It has to be dark and it has to be cute. We prefer to cuddle up in the dark with our cats. If you're not about that life then you better scram! Our hoard is ever-growing. Are you ready to join? 

MKS is 90% a one girl show, with an occasional extra pair of hands or paws. Our attitude doesn't mean we don't care, but it means we do care very much! - We care about what you think of our stuff, because we want you happy or else your claws come out. 

© 2013 - 2017 by Tanith Caylor. The collection currently features cats inspired from your favorite classic monsters, and are ever expanding. You can find them online and in person at conventions in the Southeast area. 


About the Artist

Who am I you may ask? I'm Tanith, a notorious internet enthusiast, and self-proclaimed magical girl gamer. I’m also sole crazy cat artist behind Monster Kitty Society.

I was born and raised in Hawaii and have never once worn a coconut bra. At 16, I was ripped away from the warm comfort of the Islands then transplanted to the Southeast of the mainland.

Professionally trained with a BA in Art with a Graphic Design emphasis (AKA Doodling and Photoshoppery), I currently work for an international fashion brand in E-Commerce & Social Media. 

The team that helps run Monster Kitty Society smoothly is my assistant & model Kerri, my boyfriend Chase, and my furbaby Duchess.