monster kitty society

Adorable Monstrosities

founded in 2013

Monster Kitty Society was founded by Tanith as a home for dark souls who love cats. The monster kitties are based on your favorite classic monsters and the hoard is ever expanding. The society has an aesthetic- it has to be dark and it has to be cute. Members are fond of curling up with their fluffy kitty companions in the dark. If you are not about that life, you don’t belong here. Our attitude doesn’t mean we don’t care- in fact, we probably care too much! We care what you think and want you to be happy. After all, if you aren’t your claws may come out and we prefer snuggles to scratches!

MKS is 90% a one woman show, with an occasional extra pair of hands or paws. You can find us online and in person at conventions in the Southeast area. 

Based out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

© 2013 - 2021

about the artist

Hi there Kumusta ka? I'm Tanith! (She/They + Hapa Filipina) you can call me Tani. I'm an internet meme enthusiast, KPop Girl Group Stan, VR gamer addict, and year-round Halloween lover. I’m also the sole crazy cat artist behind Monster Kitty Society.

I was born and raised in Hawaii, forever kamaʻāina. No longer island bound, I am currently based out of Knoxville, TN.

By supporting Monster Kitty Society, you support a woman & Asian owned business!

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