Introducing the

Monster Kitties

Inspired from classic horror monsters and pop culture icons, these kitties are the collective that make up Monster Kitty Society.

the skeleton cat


A reanimated skeleton brought back to life, Socket the Skeleton Cat doesn’t take himself or life too seriously. As the Artificer’s first experiment, Socket's bones were found on the side of the road. Luckily he doesn’t remember his life prior to his reanimation and lives it to the fullest now, bringing laughter to all he meets.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Birthday: April 1

Specialty: Pranks

Best Friends: Scorch & Stitches

Favorite Color: Red


the zombie cat


After the experiment of reanimating a skeleton the Artificer wanted to try out a corpse, and along came the success of Experiment #2. Stitches is often quite shy, prefers to mind the well-being of others, rather than herself, even as she falls apart at the seams. Shows her love and affection through baked goods.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Birthday: August 30

Specialty: Baking

Best Friends: Socket & Spy

Favorite Color: Pink


the were cat


After two successful experiments with the long departed, the Artificer wanted to try their hand at lycanthropy. To the great dismay of Shred, it was a success. Poor Shred is constantly battling his other self. Most of the time he tries to ignore the other Shred’s existence, until a full moon forces him to face his reality and horror.

Alignment: Brown Shred: Lawful Neutral, Black Shred: Lawful Evil

Birthday: December 12

Specialty: Jump Scares

Best Friends: Brown Shred: Spectral, Black Shred: Scorch

Favorite Color: Green


the ghost cat


Tragedy had struck the Artificer, as their beloved long lived cat had met their end. After science failed them, they sought out the paranormal to bring back their precious cat. Spectral came to be, however to the heartache of the Artificer - Spectral wasn’t very much like their living self. The cross through the veil of death had made Spectral very aloof, standoffish, and resentful of their Artificer for bringing them back to the land of the living.

Alignment: True Neutral

Birthday: November 1

Specialty: Sneaking

Best Friends: Brown Shred & Sonar

Favorite Color: Blue


the cyclops cat


The Artificer didn’t create Spy, Spy was always a cyclops cat, which was just the circumstance of his birth. It was the colors that were the experiment. The Artificer wanted to see if they could create a color-changing cat, Spy went from gray, to blue, to even pink before settling in this strange other-worldy teal color.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Birthday: May 28

Specialty: Secrets

Best Friends: Stitches & Sapphire

Favorite Color: Orange


the bat cat


After many failed experiments of having a cat take flight - Signal finally came to be! Full of fangs and 100% feral, Signal is an “all look, no touch” kind of cat, or else she’ll take a bite out of you. She’d rather be off exploring the night alone rather than in the company of others.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Birthday: September 18

Specialty: Biting

Best Friends: Sage & Supernova

Favorite Color: Purple


the dragon cat


Taken by winged cat madness, the Artificer dove deep into their books for the truest monsters of lore and created this abomination - Scorch the Red Dragon Cat. He immediately took off on his own, and wasn't seen for several months. He created a hoard of shiny things - which he’s very protective over - before he was seen again by any of the other Experiments or the Artificer. Don’t get too close, or you’ll get burned.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Birthday: July 27

Specialty: Fireball

Best Friends: Black Shred & Socket

Favorite Color: Gold


the deep sea cat


From the skies, the Artificer turned their focus down into the depths of the ocean. Inspired from the bioluminescence of deep sea life and the playful ferocity of otters - came the curiousity that is Sonar. The sound of the ocean keeps this kitten swimming - I mean dancing! Sonar is often distracted by people’s beach parties as the music always peaks his interest.

Alignment: True Neutral

Birthday: June 11

Specialty: Dancing

Best Friends: Sage & Spectral

Favorite Color: Teal


the galaxy cat


Supernova is literally an object of space. As a little space calico cat, each of her spots on her body correspond with a varying galaxy. The Artificer found her after witnessing a stellar meteor shower. They often wonder if there are an infinite number of Supernovas out there in the universe, or if we are just blessed with one.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Birthday: October 18

Specialty: Adventure

Best Friends: Signal & Servo

Favorite Color: Rainbow


the robot cat


Our resident good kitty & life of the party is DJ Servo. The Artificer created them out of discarded PC gaming equipment, space wizard laser sword cosplays, and smart home speakers. They always aim to please their friends! Unfortunately, due to the limited language database, they only speak in movie quotes - so they’re hard to understand sometimes.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Birthday: February 20

Specialty: DJ-ing

Best Friends: Everyone

Favorite Color: Neon Yellow


the crystal cat


After the Artificer took an apprenticeship with a geologist, and with many hours of labor forged from countless gems - Sapphire came to life! She herself is a Geology expert, and spends a lot of time identifying rocks for Sage and the Artificer. She loves crafting and often picks up a new craft hobby every month. She doesn't speak - no one knows if by choice or by birth - she expresses herself vividly through her crafts.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Birthday: March 13

Specialty: Arts & Crafts

Best Friends: Spy & Servo

Favorite Color: Sapphire Blue


the sorcerer cat


After being afraid to venture back into the world of spirits since Spectral, the Artificer went down the rabbit hole of rituals and spells and forged this creature of pure magic. Sage is often seen reading so he can learn new spells and rituals. Hopefully he doesn’t open a portal to an unfamiliar place and bring disaster to us all.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Birthday: January 5

Specialty: Magic

Best Friends: Signal & Sonar

Favorite Color: Green




Too many close calls with the afterlife had Solace coming to meet the Artificer and their gang of monster cats. Solace is here to guide the wayward souls to the beyond, when they're ready. A heavy burden for such a small kitty.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Birthday: October 31

Specialty: Soul Courier

Best Friends: Servo & Spectral

Favorite Color: Purple


Who is the Artificer who created these experimental monster cats? Nobody knows...maybe we'll find out one day.