About the Cats

Socket came to being after a completing a cat crossover fan art piece of Jack Skellington. I had imagined what this little kitty would think of it's younger siblings. It came to no doubt that as the eldest, shenanigans would ensue, and off they did. Socket's a fan favorite for that reason.








Stitches the Patchwork Cat came into fruition almost immediately after Socket. I couldn't think of a more perfect combo than Socket and Stitches together. They're two peas in a pod and get along the best with each other. Stitches, unlike Socket, has very much a bleeding heart and tends to be sweet to new faces it meets.










Shred the Were Cat is unashamedly based off my cat Duchess. She's a brown fluffy monstrosity (in a good way) who loves nothing more than a good cuddle. She acts like a dog, always comes when called. Her favorite thing is jump from behind curtains to attack you for not paying enough attention to her."









When I was creating Spectral, she had dozens of versions. At one point she resembled Casper than just a ghost cat with a missing heart. In fact, this form was edited from what I thought her final form was. She’s just ever changing.











Spy is somewhat inspired from my first cat, Kiara. No she wasn’t one eyed but a mischievous tabby cat. When I think of her, I think of my dad, which reminds me of James Bond movies, and Spy’s birthday is very much a reference to that.










Signal was born due many fans asking, nearly begging for a ‘bat’ one to be made. If you ask me hard enough, I will deliver! Probably one of many fan requests to come. 












Scorch was a fan request and I was immediately enamored with the idea and started sketching immediately. I couldn’t help myself. He’s so cute!












Sonar was inspired from deep sea bioluminescent creatures, and well - cats. As a child, I used to try and capture bioluminescent tiny plankton along the shore when my mom took me to the beach late at night. I found them fascinating and was always disappointed when they disappeared. I love the fact that there's stuff that glows in the dark naturally on this planet. I mean isn't that cool?!










Supernova is a Galaxy Calico Cat. She doesn't like being cooped inside and rather be out and exploring. Her birthday is the reference to when the first Cat was ever launched into Space.