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Monster Kitty Secret Society

Since 2013, Monster Kitty Society has provided a home for all those who value creepy cuteness. The Society is a community based on shared interests and support. The aesthetic is dark, yet adorable. And so are we. The Monster Kitty Secret Society receive access to exclusive digital content and special editions of the kitties… sometimes even fun new kitties that the general public doesn’t have access to.

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When you join, you unlock access as soon as your payment clears and will receive the loot from your chosen tier for that month. 

You will be charged again the 1st of the upcoming month and every month after unless you cancel. If your payment fails, Patreon will email you and ask you to fix your payment.

Any delays to reward fulfillment due to unexpected events / illness / etc. will be communicated immediately on

$1/month: Kitten Initiate
→ Access to a Secret Society Shop including:
Secret Society charms & stickers received by other tiers, and - Convention Exclusives
→ Early access to WIP of upcoming releases and artwork
→ Ability to Vote on Opinion Polls about upcoming releases

$5/month: Catolyte
→ Large (3"-4") Vinyl Waterproof Sticker exclusive to Patreon - Ships anywhere in the world!
+ all $1/month Kitten Initiate Rewards

$15/month: Grand Meowster
→ Exclusive Monster Kitty Charm, Pin, or Comparable Goods!
• Charm comes as your choice of Keychain or Necklace!
• Could be reimagined versions of the classic kitties or new friends, may be color variants or printed on specialty acrylic (glitter, holographic, glow in the dark, etc.)
+ all lower tier rewards

Physical Rewards are shipped generally at the end of each month unless there are production delays. For U.S. Patrons you will receive an email with your tracking number. However, the Sticker Tier will not.

A new password will be provided every month on that allows access to the exclusive shop. Please do not share the password with non-members. Orders are cross-referenced with Patreon members, if they're not a member the order is cancelled.

Leftover charms, pins, stickers, and any other Secret Society items will be sold ONLY in this shop (though they may appear occasionally and randomly in grab bags sold online or at conventions).

This means that even if you are a Kitten Initiate, you can buy any of the special edition stickers and charms from the shop!