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Members of the Monster Kitty Monthly Merch Club receive access to special editions of the monster kitties and other cat-ified creations.

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Monster Kitty - Monthly Merch Club
Monster Kitty - Monthly Merch Club
Monster Kitty - Monthly Merch Club
Monster Kitty - Monthly Merch Club

Monster Kitty - Monthly Merch Club

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After you subscribe, you'll receive your rewards towards the end of the month. If you paid January 2, your rewards are expected to ship out by January 31.

The next month you'll be charged again on same day you originally subscribed - February 2, with your rewards expected to ship out by February 28, and so on.

All US Subscriptions ship free, International subscriptions receive discounted shipping rates.

Designs are revealed monthly on the Monthly Merch product page, social media, and our email newsletter. There is a separate email list just to notify Monthly Merch subscribers of the new designs.

The Monthly Merch will always be a Limited Edition Acrylic Key Chain and a matching Limited Edition Vinyl Sticker unless otherwise stated.

Your subscription is managed completely on this website via your customer account. If you have trouble accessing your account - please contact us to help you get back into it.

Once you're logged in you can skip a month, pause your subscription, or cancel your subscription. There is no obligation to stay on longer than you want to.

Monthly Merch packages go out at the end of the month, regardless when you subscribed during the month. If you subscribed January 28, the package will ship out by January 31.

If there is a delay or issue in the delivery of the monthly merch - all communications will be done via email.

You are guaranteed to receive all items in the monthly merch, and get free/discounted shipping if you subscribe! (Free for the US, Discounted for International)

If you just do it as a one-time purchase, you pay full price and have to pay for shipping.

When the leftovers are sold after all rewards are shipped - they are sold separately at a higher cost, and not guaranteed to have all items from that month available. Some items tend to be sold out after all monthly merch items are shipped. Since the items are limited edition - it means they're gone for good. So if you want to guarantee yours - subscribing is the best way to guarantee that.

Due to Patreon's platform becoming less friendly to those who do physical merchandise as rewards - I felt it was best to move off the platform and onto my own site. My Patreon is defunct as of July 2023.